NAxtra, Lybe and Lybe Scientific is now a registered trade mark in European Union.

Lybe Scientific, has recently registered three new trade marks in the European Union. The newly registered marks include NAxtra, Lybe, and Lybe Scientific. The registration was completed in the International Bureau of the world Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). 

The registration of these marks is a significant development for Lybe Scientific, as it gives the company exclusive rights to use these marks in the European Union. The registration provides a level of protection for Lybe Scientific’s intellectual property, preventing others from using similar marks in connection with similar products or services. 

NAxtra, one of the newly registered marks is used for the current end forthcoming line of Nucleic Acid extraction products. The registration of this trademark further cements the company’s position in the research and diagnostic field.

Lybe Scientific’s name is now also a registered trademark, reflecting the company’s growing reputation and success in the scientific community. The company has become known for its innovative research and development, which has contributed to advancements in faster and more flexible nucleic acid extractions.

The third trademark, Lybe, is expected to be used in connection with a range of products and services offered by the company. It is a versatile mark that can be used to identify Lybes life science portfolio.

 «We are thrilled to have these trademarks registered in the European Union,» said Tonje Steigedal CEO of Lybe Scientific. «It gives us the ability to protect our intellectual property and to continue our work in providing innovative solutions for scientific and medical communities.» 

The registration of these trademarks is an important milestone for Lybe Scientific and demonstrates the company’s commitment to protecting its intellectual property. As the company continues to expand its product and service offerings, these trademarks will help establish its brand and strengthen its position in the marketplace.